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Demonstrates how to add a custom bulk action to all admin screens. Requires WordPress 4.7+
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Example Bulk Actions Plugin

Requires WordPress 4.7+

This plugin demonstrates how to add a custom bulk action to any admin screen. Custom bulk actions are a new developer feature introduced in WordPress 4.7


Each hook is passed the following arguments: Bulk actions can be added to the list table for any screen using the hook bulk_actions-{$screen_id}, but this alone isn't enough to handle the action or display a custom message once the action is processed.

Handling Custom Actions

Custom bulk actions are handled using the handle_bulk_actions-{$screen_id} and handle_network_bulk_actions-{$screen_id} hooks.

It's important to know that once WordPress handles a list table action it performs a redirect, using only a querystring parameter to trigger the display of a message. The hook is also structured in such a way that you are not able to modify any WordPress built-in actions. Only your own custom actions can be handled.

With this in mind, the above hooks take the following arguments...

  • $sendback : String. The URL to redirect to once the action is complete. Use add_query_arg() to modify this, if desired.
  • $action : String. The name of the action currently being performed. This allows you to test for your custom action.
  • $items : Array. An array of the items being handled by the bulk action.
  • $site_id : Int. This only applies to the network bulk action hook and only for WordPress Multisite. It includes the id of the site being modified.

Displaying Messages

To display a message, you need to use add_query_arg() inside your bulk action handler to add one or more arguments to the redirect querystring. You can then test for your custom argument(s) inside the admin_notices and/or network_admin_notices hooks, and display an appropriate message.

Don't forget to use remove_query_arg() inside the current_screen hook too, or your message will not automatically disappear if the user takes other actions.

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