forked from ryanb/cancan

Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

Updated Apr 29, 2015


forked from rsim/oracle-enhanced

Oracle enhaced adapter for ActiveRecord

Updated Jan 21, 2015


forked from randym/activeadmin-axlsx

ActiveAdmin plugin using Axlsx for adding Excel (xlsx) download links for your resources

Updated Dec 15, 2014

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forked from hilverd/vagrant-ubuntu-oracle-xe

Install Oracle 11g XE in a Vagrant virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.04.

Updated Mar 27, 2014


forked from pragmaticly/mails_viewer

MailsViewer is a Rails engine to let you easily view and send mails in non-production environment.

Updated Jan 28, 2014


forked from reverbhq/active_admin

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

Updated Jun 18, 2013

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