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Veriff's JS integration demo


This is a barebones example on how to integrate Veriff's API in a headless mode that skips our frontend application.
It currently does five things for you:

  1. Starts a verification session with Veriff.
  2. Uploads three images and attaches those to the verification session.
  3. Ends the verification session.
  4. Does a media query for the verification session and receives the media that was uploaded during the second step.
  5. Optionally, it also receives a decision notification webhook from Veriff of the final decision, which usually shouldn't take longer than few minutes.


npm install


Get 'Api key' and 'Api secret' (under Management -> Vendor) and respectively fill in API_TOKEN and API_SECRET environment variables.


Optionally, for receiving decision notifications for testing purposes, update 'Web hook url' (under Management -> Vendor -> Edit), and then include a WEBHOOK_PORT={PORT} argument that will boot up an Express.js webserver, and opens an endpoint that starts listening to the decision notification webhook for you (assuming your service has a public IP and domain and is open to the internet).