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Demo 1 (No FMCB)

Demo 2 (FMCB)


Code cleanup
No longer loading Pad Manager
No longer Initializing DVD
Removed all delays
No longer in Beta
Now includes Source Code, Packed/Unpacked BOOT.ELF

Added missing mc1 BOOT2.ELF detection
Made a '0 delay/no sleep()' build available.


First public release
Checks for FMCB on either MC.
Checks for BOOT2.ELF in /FORTUNA/ on either MC
Boots FMCB if it is present.
Otherwise boots BOOT2.ELF
Includes packed/unpacked ELF


Uses OSDInit.c/h & libcdvd_add.c/h from 'OSD Initialization Libraries' by SP193
Compiled with current PS2SDK as of Nov 2019
Packed with PS2-Packer v1.1.1-unofficial-09ac9c6 by Nicolas "Pixel" Noble
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