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from pywire import *
camera_clock = Signal(1, io="out", port="P40") # 25MHz
def halve_frequency(slow_clock):
return not slow_clock
# MojoV3 clock is 50MHz, camera_clock is 25 MHz., camera_clock)
# Timing signals incoming from camera
frame_invalid = Signal(1, io="in", port="P26") # New frame trigger coming from camera. Aka VSYNC
line_valid = Signal(1, io="in", port="P34") # New line trigger coming from camera. AKA HREF
pixel_clock = Signal(1, io="in", port="P23") # New pixel trigger coming from camera. AKA PCLK
def _(x):
return x
def invert(x):
return not x
# pixel_clock (1 cycle down), line_valid (1 cycle down) and frame_valid (no clock)
pixel_clock_1d = Signal(1), pixel_clock)
line_valid_1d = Signal(1), line_valid)
frame_valid = Signal(1), frame_invalid, clock=False)
camera_x = Signal(10) # Derived from pixel_clock, pixel_clock_1d, line_valid
camera_y = Signal(10) # Derived from pixel_clock, pixel_clock_1d, line_valid, line_valid_1d, frame_invalid
def increment_on_rising(current_value, driving_signal, driving_signal_1d, clear):
if clear:
return 0
elif driving_signal and not driving_signal_1d:
return current_value + 1, (camera_x, pixel_clock, pixel_clock_1d, line_valid)), (camera_y, line_valid, line_valid_1d, frame_invalid))
# 8 bit RGB data coming from the camera
new_data = Signal(8, io="in", port=['P9', 'P11', 'P7', 'P14', 'P5', 'P16', 'P2', 'P21'])
get_camera_x = Signal(10, io="in")
get_camera_y = Signal(10, io="in")
response = Signal(8, io="out", port=["P134", "P133", "P132", "P131", "P127", "P126", "P124", "P123"])
def update_response(camera_data, camera_x, camera_y, get_camera_x, get_camera_y):
if camera_x == get_camera_x and camera_y == get_camera_y:
return camera_data, (new_data, camera_x, camera_y, get_camera_x, get_camera_y))
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