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Adds a random assortment of wildly different things into C:DDA
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Adds a random assortment of wildly different things into C:DDA

A monster of a mod that I cobbled together from old and/or unused projects I've had lying around. Items include weapons, gear and risqué adult items. You have been warned.


  • High-frequency blade. A deadly end game katana found rarely in vaults and labs
  • Augmented Swordplay. A fighting style specific to the hf blade. Found in the same places as the weapon.
  • Tactical eyepatch. Eyepatch with a screen. Raises perception when worn. Rare.
  • Prism Block (PB) armor and helmet. Around high-tier armor which is currently pretty rare, but that might change in the future.
  • Prism Block (PB) armbands. A few different flavors of armbands used by PB staff. Mostly just for decoration purposes.
  • PTRS-41. Soviet anti-tank rifle. Slightly(?) more powerful(?) than the Barrett, but way more rare(?).
  • S-01 Rail Accelerator mk2. An over-the-top rail launcher that can only be crafted by finding a rare leaflet. Has some unique mods.
  • Jet hammer. A sledgehammer-esque mauler that uses thrusters for extra oomph. Uses gasoline.
  • Absolute Reaper/Absolute Sniper. A scythe that turns into a sniper rifle and vice versa. Inspired by a certain video game character.
  • Bomb suit. A thick full-body suit used by bomb defusal crews.
  • Vintage MREs. Nice!
  • Kantele. A Finnish pluck string instrument.
  • Egg vibrator. A smaller vibrator for your discreet needs.
  • Canine dildo. When you want to get kinky.
  • Equine dildo. When you want to smack someone with something ridiculous. And get kinky.
  • Skimpy one-piece string swimsuit. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Ofuda pasties and maebari. Divine protection!!! (Not guaranteed.)

There are most definitely something broken or terribly unbalanced in this. If you find something, or have a suggestion, do let me know. The best way to contact me is on Discord. I am on the C:DDA server and go by Vermilion.

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