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A simple demonstration of Backbone.js' collections and views. This widget searches Twitter for a given phrase and puts it in an element on the page. If the element is scrollable, it will do "infinite scrolling" - load more when you scroll to the bottom of the list.

I like this approach better than the standard Twitter widget that shows a user's stream. Using this widget with a search for the user will display conversations with and about the user. The same applies to a company, a product, a project, a package, an event - the widget shows people talking about your stuff, not you talking.

To Do:

  • Localize (localise?) the tweet times. Should show the timestamp in local time.
  • Find links in tweets, and make them anchors.
  • Link avatars, names, and at-mentions to the twitter account
  • Link hashes to searches - but where, on twitter or in the twidget?

Originally written for a presentation that @Arlen (paladin on GitHub) and I gave at web414 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA on June 14, 2012.