@Vertex-Client Vertex-Client released this Apr 6, 2018 · 44 commits to master since this release

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Compatible with MCPE v1.0.x+ Compatible with BlockLauncher v1.15.0+



  • MC(PE) 1.1.x and 1.2.x are now supported


  • Added CaveFinder
  • Added EnchantIt
  • Added EffectGiver
  • Added ScaffoldWalk
  • Added FastLadder
  • Added TapAimbot "Stay aimed for ~ tick(s)" setting
  • Added a HealthTags "Mob name color on nametag" setting
  • Added a HealthTags "Mob health color on nametag" setting
  • Added an ItemGiver mode setting (modes: fast (default), advanced)
  • Added a 'UI test' section into the developer settings screen with a few new settings
  • Added basic team support (+ a new 'My team' checkbox in the Target mod)
  • Added more types of tip dialogs, and they can now be hidden using a checkbox or using the setting on the settings screen
  • HealthTags now has the ability to show heart icons on nametags and we added a setting for it (on by default)
  • Enabled mods will now stay enabled even when restarting your launcher (and we added a setting for it)


  • Removed Music Player
  • Removed tip bar


  • Improved TapAimbot
  • Improved HealthTags
  • Improved ItemGiver & Teleport (added titles next to all input bars, updated input bar hints)
  • Improved SafeWalk
  • Improved & redesigned screen toasts (screen toasts will now show their associated screen title instead of "Vertex Client PE")
  • Improved JavaScript console
  • Improved drop command (removed useless [infinite] parameter)
  • Improved ChestTracers mod dialog
  • Improved mod dialogs
  • Improved "Tabbed" menu styles
  • Improved setup screen (updated texts, better spacing etc.)
  • Improved developer settings screen:
    • Renamed the 'Reset all data' setting to 'Reset all launcher data'
    • The 'Reset all launcher data' setting will now show a confirmation dialog
  • Improved Christmas countdown toast & screen text
  • Updated info on the "Opt in/out features" dialog
  • Gave the Update Center a minor overhaul
  • Categories can now be renamed from the 'Fullscreen' menu by tapping and holding category titles
  • The "What's new" dialog will no longer show up on the setup screen
  • Some special characters are now replaced with \u to prevent strings from getting corrupted
  • HealthTags is now compatible with polar bears, llamas, (elder) guardians, shulkers, vindicators, evokers and vexes
  • Mods now have the ability to show credits in their dialog
  • Aimbot and TP-Aura now have credits in their dialog
  • The target version no longer contains "alpha"
  • Removed some old code
  • Overall improvements


  • Fixed a bug where the PowerExplosions power setting wouldn't save by itself when changing it in the PowerExplosions dialog
  • Fixed a bug where HealthTags didn't show the right max health for some mobs
  • Fixed a bug where the client would crash when enabling a mod using the toggle button in its dialog while Bypass was enabled
  • Fixed spacing above the close and toggle buttons in mod dialogs
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't open the Update Center
  • Fixed a bug where the syntax error message of the toggle and drop commands would always display a dot instead of the chosen command prefix
  • Fixed a bug where the syntax error message of the w command wouldn't display the chosen command prefix
  • Fixed a bug where DropLocator would sometimes display a "We couldn't locate any drops." message before even starting to locate drops
  • Fixed some ItemGiver bugs related to (showing) incorrect items (thanks to @CtrlAltCuteness)
  • Fixed a bug where buttons' widths on the music player screen weren't correct
  • Fixed a bug where the tip bar height wasn't correct
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use TP-Aura
  • Fixed a bug where the menu wouldn't show up for some users while the menu style was set to "Normal"
  • Fixed a bug where SwitchAimbot wouldn't work when players were enabled in Target
  • Fixed some bugs related to the 'Misc' category
  • Fixed a bug where the menu wouldn't refresh after switching the 'Experimental features' setting on the dev settings screen


  • Added a Chat tile & dialog (unavailable at the moment)
  • Added basic language support (unavailable at the moment)