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NOTE: the dot should be replaced by whatever command prefix you set in settings.

.help [<page>]

Shows the command list


Toggles your gamemode

Alt .gm

.toggle <module>

Toggles the specified module

Alt .t <module>


Drops every item once

.version <current|target|latest>

Tells you the current, target or latest version


Disables all the hacks at once

Alt .p


Opens the JavaScript Console

.say <message>

Sends a chat message even if it starts with the command prefix

.rename <name>

Renames the current held item to the given name

.tp <x> <y> <z>

Teleports you to the given coordinates

.give (<item_name|item_id>) [<amount>] [<data>]

Gives you the specified item


Shows the current position of the player in coordinates

Alt .pos

.website <url>

Opens the specified URL in your webbrowser

Alt .web <url>

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