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Vertex Collaboration Demo

Collaborate on 3D models in real-time using the Vertex Platform.

Run locally in Docker

  1. Copy .env.local.template to .env.local and optionally edit values
  2. Run docker-compose --file ./docker-compose.yml up to start the app locally
  3. Browse to http://localhost:3000

If you pull down changes, you'll need to run docker-compose --file ./docker-compose.yml build to build them and then docker-compose --file ./docker-compose.yml up again.

Local development

  1. Copy .env.local.template to .env.local and optionally edit values
  2. Install dependencies, yarn install
  3. Run yarn dev to start the local development server
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3000

Project organization

public/       // Static assets
  components/ // Components used in pages
  lib/        // Shared libraries and utilities
  pages/      // Pages served by NextJS
    api/      // API endpoints served by NextJS


A few options for deployment,