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Lightweight model and form field for phone numbers in Django

  • View and edit phone numbers in forms and the Django admin in pretty format: (415) 123-4567
  • Store all phone numbers canonically in the database for easy searching & uniqueness: +14151234567
  • Built-in support for simple extensions: (415) 123-4567, press 88
  • Doesn't choke on international numbers (but doesn't format them, either)
  • Automatically format phone numbers in templates

This package is simple, lightweight, and without dependencies. However, it doesn't attempt to solve fancy problems or deal with international phone numbers. For a full-featured phone number package, take a look at django-phonenumber-field.


This package is designed for Python 3 and Django 1.10+. Install via:

pip install django-phone-field

Then add 'phone_field' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.


In your

from django.db import models
from phone_field import PhoneField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=128)
    phone = PhoneField(blank=True, help_text='Contact phone number')

PhoneField accepts standard options for a Django CharField. By default it sets max_length=31. Feel free to override this, set blank=True, etc. as you would otherwise.

There is one special argument, E164_only=False, which adds a form validator to only accept numbers in the E164 format (currently, only supported for US phone numbers).

In your template:

User {{ }} has phone number {{ }}


User Ted has phone number (415) 123-1233

Database representation

PhoneField attempts to coerce all phone numbers to the following format:

+[country code][number]x[extension]

where the extension part is optional. If the input phone number can't be coerced to this format, PhoneField gives up and simply stores it as-is.

Because all phone numbers are stored without formatting, you can set this field to be unique on a Django model and it will actually work.


Use the |phone template filter to attempt to display a formatted phone number from arbitrary text. Use the |raw_phone template filter to display the raw, un-formatted value.

Use property .is_E164 to check if a PhoneNumber object is in E164 format.

Also provided are .is_standard (E164 but with extensions allowed) and .is_usa.