Keep Java up to date in Windows! Remove redundant installations!
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Keep Java up to date in Windows! Remove redundant installations!

Java has one MAJOR flaw in windows. You can't keep it up to date automatically. The "Auto Update" feature just downloads new updates, and doesn't install them unless you click. Also when it does install a new version, it doesn't remove the old version. That wastes space and is no good. The software helps. Schedule it to run every day and it will keep your JRE running happy!

This updater only update 32-bit version of JRE and will install JRE 8 only.

Windows XP is not supported. Tested in Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit with JRE 8.


You will need to cURL in order to run the script. You may:

  1. Configure it manually by download it from
  2. Allow this script to install it automatically by setting options dontInstallCurl to 0 and verifySSL to 0. Please notice that the installation file used in automatic installation is provided by the original author of this script Grintor and does not support certificate verification. Use at your own risk.


Double click javaUpdate.cmd to run the updater. Alternatively you can configure to run the updater in scheduled task.

Configurable Options

There are some configurable options available. Open javaUpdate.cmd and edit them in the top of the file.

  • dontInstallCurl: Whether to automatically install required program cURL. Set it to 0 to allow automaitc installation. Default is 1.
  • verifySSL: Whether to verify the certificate when connect to server via HTTPS. Set it to 0 to disable verification. Default is 1.
  • installJavaIfMissing: Whether to install JRE if none is found. Set it to 1 to install JRE when none is found. Default is 0.


Thanks Grintor for the initial work on this script. Thanks users who reported issues and issued pull request to the original script so that I am able to make more adjustment and enhancement.


This program is free software.


This program is copyrighted under the terms of GPLv3, see