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Ember Tour

Ember tour is an addon for site tours. You can set default tours, trigger tours from controllers, move between routes without leaving the tour, and load tours from a server.

Getting started

  • npm install ember-tour --save-dev
  • bower install

This will include two components and two models in your application.

  • Components: ember-tour and tour-stop
  • Models: tour and tour-stop

Structuring your tour

Tours are comprised of a tour, which has many tour-stops. You can load them from a database with your default adapter, or from json by using fixtures.


  • name : Required. The name of the tour
  • spotlight : If set to true, the background will be greyed out with a spotlight effect over the target element. Default true
  • showStepNumbers: If set to true, the number of the current stop will be shown in the top corner. Default true showBullets: If set to true, navigation bullets will appear below the tour text. Default true scrollToElement: If set to true, tour will scroll to target elements that are outside the viewport


  • intro The explanatory text for the stop
  • step The sorting property for the tour (where it falls in the tour). Does not need to be incremental.
  • position Position of the explanatory popover relative to the target element. Options are 'top', 'bottom', 'left', 'right', and 'floating'
  • element The selector of the target element
  • targetRoute The Ember route that the target element appears in

Include the tour components

// application.hbs




You can also include the application route mixin to facilitate loading of tours

// routes/application.js
import TourRouteMixin from 'app/mixins/tour-route'
export default Ember.Route.extend(TourRouteMixin, function(){} 

Starting a tour

The tour will start by setting a model on the ember-tour component, and started to true. This is handled for you if you are using the mixin.

The mixin includes an action startTour which will contextually select a tour or take one as an argument. Without an argument, it will search up the route tree for a tour, defaulting to application

For example, if you are on /users/:user/posts/:post/comments.index and call startTour, it will look for a tour named

/users/user/posts/post/comments.index then /users/user/posts/post/comments then /users/user/posts/post

and so on up the tree. The default tour name is application.

To do

  • Take out bootstrap and fontawesome dependencies
  • Make a json adapter well suited for tours
  • Add more functionality for dismissing via overlay etc.


Ember Tour started life as a fork of intro.js