Demo and proof-of-concept of our Aurelia Datagrid component.
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Aurelia Datagrid

The Vevida Datagrid is a custom component built for Aurelia, used to display large amounts of data in a usable, clear way.

<datagrid rows.bind="data" default-sort-colum="b">
	<column field="a">
			<em>Header with markup</em>
	<column header="Date field" field="b">
		${row.b | myDateFormatter}
	<column header="Unsortable boolean field" field="c" sortable="false">
		<span class.bind="row.c ? 'green' : 'red'">
			${row.c ? "yes" : "no"}

See the demo for all available options.

This project is a demonstration and proof-of-concept. We want to use it to gauge interest in this datagrid. If you think this datagrid is something you might want to use, or contribute to, let us know.

Why another one?

We were inspired by a number of earlier Aurelia datagrids, but found that these were no longer maintained or did not support the featureset we were looking for.

What does it do?

  • Sorting, with customizable sorting algorithm per column
  • Searching, with customizable search algorithm per column
  • Customizable templates for cells, headers and footers (including markup)
  • Opening animations using aurelia-animator-css
  • Show up to 10 rows as a normal table, after that make the body scrollable with fixed header and footer and a search-box

What doesn't it do?

  • Per-column filtering
  • Pagination - just show all the data and let the user filter and sort as they wish
  • No built-in support for CSS frameworks, but you can set header, footer and cell classes

Build it for yourself

Make sure you have NPM and JSPM installed. Check out the source, then run npm install and jspm install.

Run gulp build to build once or gulp build-watch to build continuously as source files are changed.