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This is a Repository for a Resourcepack called Colorcaecum. All it does is adding better textures for colorblind people to a few mods. It also adds a new language called English (Colorblind Mode) which is recommended to use with this pack as it improves the quality of playing with the changed textures.

If you think some things in a mod need to get colorblindness-friendly texture, open an issue here.

Currently supported mods are:

  • RailCraft: Limiter Track, Locomotive Track, Signal Aspects (Aspect names have been changed in colorblind mode language)
  • Thermal Expansion: The machine I/O textures have been included in this pack


This Resource Pack comes in two versions to download, the Vanilla and Unity Edition. While the Vanilla Edition is probably the one you should choose, the Unity Edition is supposed to provide support for CyanideX' Unity 32x32 pack, so choose this version if you are using the Unity Resource Pack.


The third file to download is an addon to either of the two Resource Pack versions, adding alternative textures for Railcraft Signals. If you like to have those textures a little different but still fine for colorblind people to use, try this.

This addon's textures are made by Forecaster. To use the addon, simply put it onto your Resource Pack stack, above the Colorcaecum pack. It does require one of the Colorcaecum versions to be present.


The downloads and change log for this pack can be found here.

Other things

This pack is made for fun, and nothing else.


The Colorcaecum Resource Pack is licensed under Calclavia's Educational Public License ( By using or interacting with this software in any way shape or form, you agree to the license of this software.

The Colorcaecum Resource Pack's download (Unity Edition) contains textures from CyanideX's Unity 32x32 pack, which you can find at and