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Forecaster's Backpacks

Forecaster's Backpacks is an addon for Forestry I made for Forecaster. It adds a couple of new backpack types.

It is entirely made for fun, and nothing else.

New backpacks? Tell me more!

Right now the mod adds the following backpacks (both standard and woven versions), more may come in the future.

  • Pneumatic Engineer's Backpack: The main reason I made this mod. Holds all your PneumaticCraft stuff.
  • Computer Engineer's Backpack: Holds stuff from ComputerCraft, OpenComputers and all their addons. If you find an addon which is not supported, tell me.
  • Flamingo Backpack: Holds anything added by the Flamingo mod.
  • Scholar's Backpack: Holds anything added by BiblioCraft as well as some additional items like Paper, Maps and books.
  • Industrialist's Backpack: Holds anything added by IndustrialCraft 2 as well as anything that fits into an IC2 Toolbox.
  • Warrior's Backpack: Holds Swords, Bows, Arrows and anything added by Balkon's Weapon Mod or QuiverBow.
  • Plumber's Backpack: Holds your BuildCraft Pipes and Wrenches (anything from BuildCraft Transport).
  • Robotics Engineer's Backpack: Holds your BuildCraft Robotics stuff.
  • Machinist's Backpack: Holds any BuildCraft machines and things related to those.


Downloads can be found here.


Forecaster's Backpacks is licensed under the MIT license ( By using or interacting with this software in any way shape or form, you agree to the license of this software.