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TweetSubs v1.04
David Millis (
A frontend to launch VLC, follow someone on Twitter,
and display any live @tweets mentioning that account as
subtitles in VLC.
Geographically separated people can schedule a video to play
simultaneously, follow the same account, compose tweets, and
see each other's commentary.
( Example: MockTM Events )
(To hide the debugging console, rename it to .pyw)
(Linux and OSX should set permissions to make it executable)
From a terminal, run: python
1.04 - Trivially changed negative millisecond lag notice to "0s" instead of "-0s".
1.03 - Added a reconnect prompt when the followed Twitter stream disconnects.
Moved Twitter client classes into a separate lib module.
1.02 - Softened the minute lag notice after a field test yielded zero lag.
Added keyboard shortcut to compose panel: return-to-send (shift-return adds newlines).
Added an apostrophe variant to asciify().
Shrank the compose panel by moving the "Tweeting as..." reminder to the title bar.
Added a 70 sec timeout if the follow/sample stream goes silent (not even keep-alive \r\n's).
Code cleanup.
1.01 - Fixed mislocated data dirs on Linux.
Adjusted logging to report when tk is missing.
1.00 - Initial release.
Windows, Linux, or... possibly OSX (coded w/o a test box).
Python 2.6 or higher, but not 3.x.
VLC 2.x.x
* Linux will need the python-tk package.
* OSX may need to replace the stock Tcl/Tk from Apple.
Sources (modified from r1267)
cli.lua (2.0.1) From VLC source code.
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