@remram44 remram44 released this Jul 10, 2017 · 202 commits to 1.0.x since this release

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(reprounzip-vistrails didn't change)


  • Correctly escape shell commands containing backticks
  • Overwrite tty prompt works correctly on Python 3
  • Fix /proc in vagrant-chroot and chroot having outside mounts
  • Fix ANSI escapes showing in Qt terminal dialog
  • Fix reprozip combine crash on Python 3.6 (patch from James Clarke)
  • Using graph --packages drop together with --json no longer crashes


  • New reprozip-jupyter tool to trace and reproduce Jupyter notebooks
  • reprozip_jupyter can be registered as a Jupyter extension to trace notebooks from the Jupyter web interface
  • The Qt GUI knows to run packages with reprozip-jupyter if they are notebook environments (kernels) unpacked with Docker (and reprozip-jupyter is installed)
  • Add --docker-cmd to reprounzip-docker to select the Docker command (for example --docker-cmd="sudo docker")
  • Implement --expose-port option for Vagrant and Docker (no need for --docker-option=-p...)
  • Add docker-machine support to GUI (select which machine to use)
  • Better binaries for MacOS
  • Automatically register reprounzip-qt to open .RPZ files on Linux
  • Register ReproUnzip with Windows from installer
  • Add icon from @heng2j