@remram44 remram44 released this Oct 7, 2016 · 357 commits to 1.0.x since this release

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Behavior changes:

  • No longer default to overwriting trace directories. ReproZip will ask what to do or exit with an error if one of --continue/--overwrite is not provided


  • Fix an issue identifying Debian packages when a file's in two packages
  • Fix Python error Mixing iteration and read methods would lose data
  • Fix reprounzip info showing some numbers as 0 instead of hiding them in non-verbose mode
  • Another fix to X server IP determination for Docker


  • New GUI for reprounzip, allowing one to unpack without using the command-line
  • Add filters to remove some common files types from packed files (.pyc) or detected input files (.py, .so, ...)
  • Add JSON output format to reprounzip info
  • Allow using the Virtualbox display to reproduce X11-enabled experiments