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ViGEmBus Setup 1.17.333

@nefarius nefarius released this
· 89 commits to master since this release
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This project was only possible with the investment of many years of learning, research and dedication. You're receiving this work for free, if it brought you joy, consider giving back and spend a few coins ❤️


How to install

Simply download the setup below and click through it. Done!

If you want to redistribute it with your solution and run it silently, invoke the setup with the /qn argument to suppress any user interaction.


  • This release supports Windows 10 only! (Intel/AMD 64-Bit, 32-Bit)
  • No ARM (Apple M1 etc.) support!
  • Backwards compatibility with software using the client SDK version below v1.17 has been maintained
  • The setup has been redesigned with Windows Installer XML
    • No more auto-updater
    • The setup will automatically upgrade an existing ViGEm Bus Driver installation, if found
  • LED/Lightbar/Rumble feedback towards user-land applications is now serialized and cached in the driver, greatly reducing the required code in the client SDK
  • This release makes use of the fantastic Microsoft Driver Module Framework (DMF)
  • Build artifacts and debug symbols can be downloaded from here
  • The device display name has changed from Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus to Nefarius Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus


  • Addressed several setup issues (#59, #52, #49, #43, #37, #36)
  • Addressed deadlock issue (#47, #22)
  • Corrected some emulation properties deviating from real hardware (#46, #45)
  • Addressed possible BSOD due to missing device type check (#44)


  • Implemented support for emulating complete DualShock 4 report features (#11)