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@nefarius nefarius released this Apr 18, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release


Necessary preparations for Windows 7

Before installing the bus driver on Windows 7 (x86 or x64) the following 3rd party software has to be installed:


  • Fixed #6 🎉
  • Fixed #7 🎉

New features

  • Added new user-land API vigem_target_x360_get_user_index 👍

Returns the user index of the emulated Xenon device. This value correspondents to the
(zero-based) index number representing the player number via LED present on a
physical controller and is compatible to the dwUserIndex propery of the XInput* APIs.

Other news

  • Licensed under GPL-3 👮
  • From now on distributed via multi-arch self-contained auto-updating setup 🎉
  • Auto-updater included (checks for updates daily silently in the background, can be disabled by user) 😄
  • WHQL tested and signed 😎
  • Project now under the wings of Nefarius Software Solutions e.U. 😛
  • Official icon 😲

Starting with this release the PowerShell-way of distribution is officially deprecated and will be put offline soon. Every new release will appear on GitHub. No need to uninstall older revisions, the setup will take care of that including the removal of multiple instances.

Update 10.05.2019: version ViGEmBus_Setup_1.16.115.exe is a hotfix setup resolving an issue causing the installation to fail on Windows 7 under certain circumstances. Use this instead.

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