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Discord-bot built for wunderbaerlive using Heroku as a provider.
Notifies a specific discord-channel if a specific YouTube- or twitch-channel goes live or the twtich-channel plays a VODcast using both a plain text-message with a highlight-clip and a Discord embed message.


  1. Grab a Client ID from any of your discord apps (create one if needed)
  2. (Twitch) Grab a Client ID from any of your twitch apps
    (YouTube) Create a project with YouTube Data API V3-access and grab an API key
  3. Join the Bot to any server using[YOUR BOT CLIENT ID]&scope=bot&permissions=18432
  4. (local) Install the Heroku Toolbelt
  5. (local) Verify Node.js is >=v8.0.0 by running node -v; if not, update it
  6. (local) Clone the repository (remote) Push this repository to your heroku app
  7. (local) Run npm install and install any other package dependencies the output log mentions
  8. (local) Create a .env-file containing the following lines (replace comments with values & remove headers):
    (remote) Setup the following config variables in your Heroku-dashboard at[YOUR-HEROKU-APP]/settings:
--- Discord setttings ---
DISCORD_CHANNEL_ID=          // [string]  Channel ID of the discord room to post the notification in
DISCORD_USER_TOKEN=          // [string]  User token of your discord app

--- Twitch setttings ---
TWITCH_CHANNEL_ID=           // [string?]  Channel ID of the twitch channel to monitor
TWITCH_CLIENT_ID=            // [string?]  Client ID of your twitch app

--- YouTube setttings ---
YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_ID=          // [string?]  Channel ID of the YouTube channel to monitor
YOUTUBE_API_KEY=             // [string?]  API key used in YouTube-API requests

--- When live ---
ISLIVE_MESSAGE=              // [string?]  Text for separate message before embed message (leave blank to just send the embed message)
ISLIVE_EMBED_TITLE=          // [string?]  Headline of embed message (leave blank to not send the embed message)
ISLIVE_EMBED_GAME_PREFIX=    // [string]  Text above game-title in embed message
ISLIVE_EMBED_PEOPLE_PREFIX=  // [string]  Text above list of hosts in embed message

--- When running vodcasts (ignored for YT) ---
ISRERUN_MESSAGE=             // [string?]  Text for single message sent before embed message  (leave blank to just send the embed message)
ISRERUN_EMBED_TITLE=         // [string?]  Headline of embed message (leave blank to not send the embed message)
ISRERUN_EMBED_PEOPLE_PREFIX= // [string]  Text above list of hosts in embed message
ISRERUN_EMBED_GAME_PREFIX=   // [string]  Text above game-title in embed message

--- Configuration ---
PEOPLE=                      // [string]  Array of names of hosts split by ","
ALLOW_INITIAL_STATE_POST=    // [integer] If set to 1, a status message is sent if the stream is live, when the bot restarts
VALIDATION_STEPS_REQUIRED=   // [integer] Amount of times the live state is polled before sending a message (1 - 1000)

Setup notes

  • The values to be added after the = are
    • integers: VALIDATION_STEPS_REQUIRED=5 or
    • strings ISLIVE_MESSAGE=Hey everyone! We're live!.
  • Keys with ? in their comment are optional.
    • Leaving out YouTube-/twitch-configuration values will cause the bot to not monitor that service.
    • Not supplying a _MESSAGE or _EMBED_TITLE will not sent a plain Discord or embed message respectively.
  • The ISLIVE_MESSAGE/ISRERUN_MESSAGE has two template arguments
    • {channelName} is replaced with the YouTube or Twitch display name
    • {clipURL} is Twitch-exclusive and replaced with the most "popular" clip of the last 30 days.
  • The IS*-configurations (ISLIVE_MESSAGE, ISRERUN_EMBED_TITLE, etc.) can be made platform-specific by adding YOUTUBE_/TWITCH_ after the first _; they will always gain priority over a generic definition, even if the generic definition is defined after a specific one
    This is required, since the {clipURL}-template parameter is only available on Twitch and a more suiting message might be requested
    • etc. ...
  1. (local) Run heroku local inside the repository
    (remote) Restart all dynos


Small discord bot posting the most viewed clip of the month if a channel goes live




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