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Welcome to the wiki pages of Pair PHP framework. Pair is a compact PHP framework, ideal for medium or small web projects. The following list shows all classes that compose it and explains its functionality.


  • Acl
  • ActiveRecord
  • Application
  • Breadcrumb
  • Controller
  • Country
  • Database
  • ErrorLog
  • Form
  • Group
  • Input
  • Language
  • Locale
  • Logger
  • Menu
  • Model
  • Module
  • Options
  • Pagination
  • Plugin
  • PluginInterface
  • Router
  • Rule
  • Session
  • Template
  • Translator
  • Upload
  • User
  • Utilities
  • View
  • Widget

Web project structure

The Pair_example is a good starting point to build your new web project in a breeze with Pair PHP framework using the installer wizard. As of the example, the folders that Pair expects to find in the web project are as follows:

  • classes
  • modules
  • temp
  • templates
  • translations
  • vendor
  • widget

There are also three files in the root, necessary for its operation, and one optional:

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