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The Pair Form class is used to build HTML forms easily.

A Form object contains objects that inherit from the FormControl class because all controls have many properties and methods in common, for instance "name" property or render() method.

To create a form, you can proceed in this way using a smart ActiveRecord method:


use Pair\Form;
use Pair\Model;

class PersonsModel extends Model {

	public function getPersonFormByObject(Person $person) {

		// returns the Form object about a Person
		return $person->getForm();



In this example, the most important features of the Person object are interpreted and materialized in the properties of the automatically created form. For example, for an ActiveRecord object, a boolean property will become a checkbox in the form.

To customize the form, you can individually indicate each control that will be part of it:

public function getPersonForm() {
	// get all person groups
	$personGroups = PersonGroup::getAllObjects();

	// start the form
	$form = new Form();
	// add to all controls the form-control CSS class
	// ID control is hidden

	// add class default-select2 for JS event purposes
	$form->addSelect('personGroupId')->setListByObjectArray($personGroups, 'id', 'title')->addClass('default-select2');

	// a basic input text field		

	// email form input type

	// set this input as required

	return $form;
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