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A simple executable that scans RSS feeds and sends updates directly to your Kindle (or to your inbox).
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Kindle Article Subscriber

A simple executable that scans RSS feeds and sends updates directly to your Kindle (or to your inbox).


The program needs a SMTP server to be able to send emails.
Don't have one? You can use your Gmail settings (emails will be sent from your Gmail account)
Doesn't sound secure? Use two-step verification and generate an app password.
Feeling uncomfortable using your Gmail credentials? You can create a new account, and use it just for this.

Kindle Configuration

Download the Release package, unzip it, and open the config.json file using any text editor. Below is each option explained:

  • Server: The SMTP email server address.
  • Port: The email port, default 587
  • UseSSL: Set to true if you want to use a secure connection, otherwise false
  • User: The email account username
  • Password: The email account password
  • ToAddress: Your Kindle email address (find it here)
  • FromAddress: The email address for the sender field
  • SendAsAttachment: Must be true to work on Kindle
  • NewerThanMinutes: Timeout period to check for new feeds. Only feeds newer than the specified period will be sent via email. Make sure you're using a number big enough to get feeds.
  • Feeds: A string array of RSS feed URLs.

Run the program and wait.
The first feeds will start coming after 30 seconds (if the published date is newer than the specified interval).
The next feeds will come after the specified interval has elapsed.
Note: The program does not have a visible interface. It's running as a background process instead. To close it completely, use Task Manager.

Default Gmail settings

Port: 465
UseSSL: true

Alternate Configuration - Regular Article via Email

The program can be configured to deliver the article to any e-mail address, the content being readable on any device that supports HTML. Follow the configuration above, but set the "SendAsAttachment" option to false.


Jump to releases and get the latest ZIP version: Releases


Kindle Article Subscriber does NOT log any data, does not call home, check for updates or send/use configuration data to any service.
You can also take the source code and compile it yourself.


If you find any issues, please open an issue in Github, including as many details (and pictures) as possible.


If you want to contribute to this repository, open a pull request.

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