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Adrien Griveau Adrien-Griveau

Microsoft Outlook New York

Michael Ortali xethorn

Previously at @YouTube, @Google, and @Pinterest.

Pinterest Miami / San Francisco / New York / Paris

Christophe Lamperti lamperti

Design at Outlook (formerly engineering at Sunrise, Apple). Le prix s'oublie, la qualité reste.

Microsoft San Francisco

Joey Dong joeydong

Currently, iOS software engineer at Microsoft working on Outlook. Previously, lead developer at Sunrise working on iOS and NodeJS.

Microsoft San Francisco, CA

Pierre Valade pierrevalade

co-founder at New York

Franco Bouly rayfranco

Digital Builder

Freelance Budapest, Hungary

Xavier Zalawa 7studio

Développeur Ⓦeb, abonné au gaz et pas plus con qu'un autre.

Toulouse, France

Paul Stamatiou stammy

Twitter San Francisco, CA

Xavier Cambar xcambar

Software. Culture. Sanity. They are my favourite things. I love Ember.js, Clojure(Script), Elixir/Phoenix.

PeopleDoc Berlin

Jerome Etienne jeromeetienne

Around Javascript and WebGL - 8th most active user on github - Write @learningthreejs - Doing VR and AR with three.js at daqri

Three.js Team Lead at Daqri Dublin, Ireland

Roman Komarov kizu

Front-end developer at Yandex, CSS experimentator, typography enthusiast, @stylus maintainer, author of @hayaku and some other stuff.

Yandex Moscow

Christian Naths christiannaths

UX Developer in 🇨🇦, Co-owner of, freelancer.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Andrej Dragisic lipeno

UX/UI designer and developer


Larry Marburger lmarburger

Externally non-monotonic. Building a better mouse trap at @papertrail and formerly @cloudapp

@papertrail Lancaster, PA

fat fat

bumpers internet jail

Jérôme Mahuet Rydgel

λ - Developer - #js #python #scala #haskell #rust


=^._.^= maxogden

recruiters: dont email me if I dont respond to your PR you should send me a DM on twitter

Non-profit @datproject Oregon

Romain Huet romainhuet

Developer Relations at @Stripe. Previously, @Twitter.

Stripe San Francisco, CA

Arnaud Vallat rno

Android engineer @Microsoft. Formerly lead Android at Sunrise.

Microsoft New York

Pierre-Élie Fauché pierreliefauche

Personal account: @pierreliefauche Professional account: @pierre-elie

Microsoft Outlook - Sunrise Paris

James Lafa jameslafa

CTO and Co-Founder of Dentolo Deutschland GmbH

Dentolo Deutschland GmbH Berlin, Germany

Lukas Foldyna augard

macOS/iOS developer

TwoManShow s.r.o. Prague, Czech Republic

Richard Déloge frenchcomp

Engineer / software architect - freelance - … , - #php #web

Teknoo Software Caen, France

Laurent lchenay


Johan Brook johanbrook

I'm coding web code and working at @lookback.

Lookback The world

Nicolas Gallagher necolas

Twitter San Francisco, CA

Florent Jaby Floby

OCTO Technology Paris, France

Franck Maurin franckmaurin

I put magic words between <> & {} using React, Redux and Node.

Freelance Paris Xe

Scott Jehl scottjehl

Author of Responsible Responsive Design (A Book Apart). Designer/Developer at @filamentgroup. I love to surf.

Seagrove Beach, FL

Thomas Bassetto tbassetto

UI Engineer at @Cisco, Google Developer Expert Web Technologies. French accent. Quantified Self enthusiast.

@Cisco Oslo, Norway

Antoine Lehurt kewah

Front-end developer

Spotify Stockholm, Sweden