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(* Ohm is © 2012 Victor Nicollet *)
(** The {b Async} layer: delegating tasks to an asynchronous bot.
@author Victor Nicollet
@version 0.9
(** {2 Dealing with the context} *)
(** An abstract implementation type. You do not need this, manipulate
{!ctx} instances instead.
type implementation
(** An asynchronous execution context. Expects a member function that returns a
CouchDB context, since that context is used to save and load everything.
class virtual ctx : object
method virtual couchDB : CouchDB.implementation
method virtual time : float
method async : implementation
(** {2 Implementing and running tasks} *)
(** An exception. Raise this exception from within an asynchronous task to
cause it to be re-scheduled for a later time. It will not count as
having been executed.
exception Reschedule
(** The type of a task that expects a parameter to be run, represented
as a plain old function. When called, this function writes the
task to the task database, where it will be popped as soon as
possible by the asynchronous process.
@param delay Delay the execution of the task by this many seconds.
type ('ctx,'a) task = ?delay:float -> 'a -> ('ctx,unit) Run.t
(** How long does the execution process lock a task for? This is by
definition the number of seconds between the first and second
attempt to execute a task. There is no third attempt. This is
currently 10 minutes.
val delay : float
(** When the asynchronous runner runs out of tasks to perform, it sleeps
for this duration, in seconds. This is currently 2 seconds.
val sleep : float
(** The interface used by task managers. Implemented by the manager
provided in functor {!Make}
class type ['ctx] manager = object
method define : 'a. string -> 'a Fmt.fmt -> ('a -> ('ctx,unit) Run.t) -> ('ctx,'a) task
method declare : 'a. string -> 'a Fmt.fmt -> ('ctx,'a) task * (('a -> ('ctx,unit) Run.t) -> unit)
method periodic : int -> ('ctx,float option) Run.t -> unit
(** A task execution environment, using a database to save data. *)
module Make : functor(DB:CouchDB.CONFIG) -> sig
class ['ctx] manager : object
constraint 'ctx = #ctx
(** Define a task by providing a name (used to map the database-serialized
tasks onto actual functions), a JSON formatter (for serializing the
arguments to the database) and a body.
method define : 'a. string -> 'a Fmt.fmt -> ('a -> ('ctx,unit) Run.t) -> ('ctx,'a) task
(** Declare a task. This returns the task and a function that must be
called to define the task. *)
method declare : 'a. string -> 'a Fmt.fmt -> ('ctx,'a) task * (('a -> ('ctx,unit) Run.t) -> unit)
(** A periodic operation. The function returns the minimum time that should
elapse before the function must be called again, in seconds. The integer
parameter is the priority level: a function with priority 6 will be
executed six times as often as a function with priority 1 (assuming it
does not return a non-zero wait time).
method periodic : int -> ('ctx,float option) Run.t -> unit
(** Statistics about the current state of the environment. *)
method stats : ('ctx,<
running : int ;
pending : int ;
failed : int
>) Run.t
(** Run tasks (acting as a task execution environment), then
return. A function that generates brand new contexts is provided as
an argument. Returns [true] if there were still tasks to be run,
[false] if there is nothing left to run (this information can be
used to sleep for a little while).
method run : ?timeout:float -> (unit -> 'ctx) -> bool
(** Convenience functions *)
module Convenience : sig
val foreach :
'ctx # manager
-> string
-> 'key Fmt.fmt
-> ('key option -> ('ctx, 'key list * 'key option) Run.t)
-> ('key -> ('ctx,unit) Run.t)
-> ('ctx,unit) task
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