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(* Ohm is © 2011 Victor Nicollet *)
(** The {b Async} layer: primitives for delaying the execution of code.
Code is grouped as a function which expects an argument of a pre-determined type, and returns
a {!type:Task.result} to indicate the new state of the task (finished, failed...). The function
may perform any necessary operations, but should attempt to only perform invariant operations
in order to survive a crash or exception - should an error happen while a task was being executed,
the execution will start from the beginning.
Tasks are stored in a CouchDB instance by the code that calls them, and read from that same
database by the code that runs them - usually a different process dedicated only
to running tasks.
@author Victor Nicollet
@version 1.0
(** A temporary error has happened while running delayed code.
This exception is never raised by the {!Task} module: you are expected to raise it yourself
from your own delayed code to signal that a temporary error has happened. This causes the error message
to be logged, and the delayed code to be scheduled for ulterior re-execution.
You should not use this for permanent errors, since it will cause the delayed code to be re-executed
until it works and thus clog the asynchronous pipeline unnecessarily. Instead, when a permanent
error happens, have the delayed code return a {!Task.result} of [Task.Failed].
exception Error of string
type 'arg result =
| Finished of 'arg
| Failed
| Initial of 'arg
| Waiting of 'arg
| Partial of 'arg * int * int
type 'arg token
type 'arg implementation = 'arg -> 'arg token -> (CouchDB.ctx,'arg result) Run.t
type 'arg action
val register : string -> 'arg Fmt.t -> 'arg implementation -> 'arg action
val declare : string -> 'arg Fmt.t -> 'arg action
val define : 'arg action -> 'arg implementation -> unit
val to_id : 'arg token -> Id.t
val of_id : 'arg Fmt.t -> Id.t -> 'arg token
module Background : sig
val register : int -> (CouchDB.ctx,bool) Run.t -> unit
module type TASK = sig
val call : 'arg action -> 'arg -> (#CouchDB.ctx,'arg token) Run.t
val delay : float -> 'arg action -> 'arg -> (#CouchDB.ctx,'arg token) Run.t
val prepare : 'arg action -> 'arg -> (#CouchDB.ctx,'arg token) Run.t
val start : 'arg token -> (#CouchDB.ctx,unit) Run.t
val status : 'arg token -> (#CouchDB.ctx,'arg result) Run.t
val process : unit -> bool
val loop : (unit -> unit) -> 'a
module Make :
functor (Db:CouchDB.DATABASE) -> TASK