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(* Ohm is © 2011 Victor Nicollet *)
open BatPervasives
let bind f g = f g
let ($) f x = f x
let ohm t f = Run.bind f t
let ohmctx lens f = Run.bind f ( lens Run.context)
let fork a f = let b = f () in Run.fork a b
let return = Run.return
let req_or default opt callback = match opt with
| Some value -> callback value
| None -> default
let nothrow_or default expr callback =
let what = try Some (Lazy.force expr) with _ -> None in
req_or default what callback
let true_or default t callback =
if t then callback () else default
let ohm_req_or default query callback =
ohm query (fun x -> req_or default x callback)
let ohm_ok_or ifbad query callback =
ohm query (function
| Bad bad -> ifbad bad
| Ok ok -> callback ok)
let opt func value callback =
match value with
| None -> callback None
| Some value -> func value (fun result -> callback (Some result))
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