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-Ohm is a web framework for the OCaml language, open sourced under the MIT license. It is
-currently in alpha, with the public beta release scheduled for September 2012.
+Ohm is a web framework for the OCaml language, open sourced under the
+MIT license. It is currently available in open beta on its official
+web site [](
-To use the framework, you must install the `ohm` command-line tool.
-Place files [``](
-and [``]( in a directory,
-then run `./` with administrator privileges :
- wget
- wget
- sudo ./
-Once this is done, you can create a brand new project by using the `ohm init` command :
- ohm init my-project
-This creates directory `my-project`, downloads a fresh and up-to-date copy of the
-Ohm framework, sets up the files required for a minimalistic project, and compiles it.
-Ohm requires OCaml 3.12.0 or later, as well as `ocamlfind` and `ocamlbuild`. It also
-relies on the following OCaml libraries :
- - [OCurl](
- - [Batteries](
- - [OCamlNet 3](
- - [OCaml-SHA](
- - [Xmlm](
-There may be attempts to eliminate somme of these requirements later on.
-Ohm is designed to sit behind any FastCGI-enabled server, but has only been tested
-with Apache so far.
-Ohm uses [CouchDB]( as its primary database (there is work
-underway to allow the use of [PostgreSQL]( as well).
-The asset pipeline uses LESS CSS and Coffeescript.
-On a debian system, use the following command-line to grab all the packages required to
-run Ohm :
- apt-get install ocaml-nox ocaml-findlib ocamldsort ocaml-native-compilers \
- libsha-ocaml-dev libbatteries-ocaml-dev libocamlnet-ocaml-dev \
- libcurl-ocaml-dev libxmlm-ocaml-dev libapache2-mod-fastcgi make \
- couchdb coffeescript node-less supervise

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