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(Note: This is still a work in progress. This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor 8bit Solutions LLC. Please use gitter or the issue tracker for this repo if you need support. If you need to use the official Bitwarden channels make it clear that you are using a 3rd party backend server)


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A server compatible with the Bitwarden apps and plugins. The server has a small footprint and could be run locally on your computer, a Raspberry Pi or a small VPS. The data is stored in a local SQLite database.

** If you're using an old database you need to add kdf and kdfIterations to your accounts table **

For more information on the protocol you can read the documentation provided by jcs


Fetching the code

Make sure you have the go package installed. Note: package name may vary based on distribution

You can then run go get to fetch the latest code.


Run in your favorite terminal:

cd $GOPATH/src/

followed by

go build


go install

The former will create a executable named bitwarden-go in the current directory, and go install will build and install the executable bitwarden-go as a system-wide application (located in $GOPATH/bin). Note: From here on, this guide assumes you ran go install

Initalizing the Database

Note: This step only has to be performed once

Run the following to initalize the database:

bitwarden-go -init

This will create a database called db in the directory of the application. Use -location to set a different directory for the database.


To run bitwarden-go, run the following in the terminal:


Usage with Flags

To see all current flags and options with the application, run

bitwarden-go -h