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  • FEATURE: VictoriaMetrics enterprise: add multi-level downsampling support. See these docs and this feature request.

  • FEATURE: vmui: add ability to analyze the correlation between two queries on a single graph. Just click +Query button, enter the second query in the newly appeared input field and press Ctrl+Enter. Results for both queries should be displayed simultaneously on the same graph. Every query has its own vertical scale, which is displayed on the left and the right side of the graph. Lines for the second query are dashed. See this pull request.

  • FEATURE: vmui: add ability to override the interval between returned datapoints. By default it is automatically calculated depending on the selected time range and horizontal resolution of the graph. Now it is possible to override it with custom values. This may be useful during data exploration and debugging.

  • FEATURE: accept optional extra_filters[]=series_selector query args at Prometheus query APIs additionally to extra_label query args. This allows enforcing additional filters for all the Prometheus query APIs by using vmgateway or vmauth. See this feature request.

  • FEATURE: vmauth: allow specifying http and https urls in -auth.config command-line flag. See this pull request. Thanks for @TFM93 .

  • FEATURE: vmagent: allow specifying http and https urls in the following command-line flags: -promscrape.config, -remoteWrite.relabelConfig and -remoteWrite.urlRelabelConfig.

  • FEATURE: vminsert: allow specifying http and https urls in -relabelConfig command-line flag.

  • FEATURE: vminsert: add -maxLabelValueLen command-line flag for the ability to configure the maximum length of label value. See this feature request.

  • FEATURE: preserve the order of time series passed to limit_offset function. This allows implementing series paging via limit_offset(limit, offset, sort_by_label(...)). See this and this issues.

  • FEATURE: automaticall convert (value1|...|valueN) into {value1,...,valueN} inside __graphite__ pseudo-label. This allows using Grafana multi-value template variables inside __graphite__ pseudo-label. For example, {__graphite__=~"foo.($bar)"} is expanded to {__graphite__=~"foo.{x,y}"} if both x and y are selected for $bar template variable. See these docs for details.

  • FEATURE: add timestamp_with_name function. It works the same as timestamp, but leaves the original time series names, so it can be used in queries, which match multiple time series names: timestamp_with_name({foo="bar"}[1h]). See this comment for more context.

  • FEATURE: add changes_prometheus, increase_prometheus and delta_prometheus functions, which don't take into account the previous sample before the given lookbehind window specified in square brackets. These functions may be used when the Prometheus behaviour for changes(), increase() and delta() functions is needed to be preserved. VictoriaMetrics uses slightly different behaviour for changes(), increase() and delta() functions by default - see this article for details. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: fix unaligned 64-bit atomic operation panic on 32-bit architectures, which has been introduced in v1.70.0. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: restore the ability to use $labels.alertname in labels templating. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmui: add missing query caption to the input field for the query. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmui: fix navigation over query history with Ctrl+up/down and fix zoom relatively to the cursor position. See this pull request.

  • BUGFIX: deduplicate samples more thoroughly if deduplication is enabled. Previously some duplicate samples may be left on disk for time series with high churn rate. This may result in bigger storage space requirements.

  • BUGFIX: vmagent: follow up to 5 redirects when follow_redirects: true is set for a particular scrape config. Previously only a single redirect was performed in this case. It is expected these redirects are performed to the original hostname. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: de-duplicate data exported via /api/v1/export/csv by default if deduplication is enabled. The de-duplication can be disabled by passing reduce_mem_usage=1 query arg to /api/v1/export/csv. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: vmalert: properly store historical data to old Prometheus versions. See this issue.

See full changelog.

How to run VictoriaMetrics

Unpack the victoria-metrics-*.tar.gz archive and read these docs.

vmutils-*.tag.gz archive contains the following tools:

vmutils-*-enterprise.tar.gz archive contains the following additional enterprise tools:

The corresponding docker images are available here.
Cluster version is available here.