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Quick Start

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Production SaaS isn't ready yet. Use single-node version, cluster version or try SaaS playground.

  1. Go to VictoriaMetrics.
  2. Log in with either Google account or Github account. The associated VictoriaMetrics account will be created for you.
  3. Click the default acc. in order to go to Projects page for this account.
  4. Click the Create button in order to create new project.
  5. Give your project a name, choose desired retention and precision, then click Create. Lower retention and lower precision cost less, since they require less storage.
  6. Click the Tokens button in order to see Prometheus remote write URL and URL for Prometheus datasource in Grafana.
  7. Put remote_write url into your Prometheus config according to these rules and send SIGHUP to prometheus process, so it reloads config:
    kill -HUP `pidof prometheus`
    Prometheus continues writing data into local storage after adding remote_write section into config. So your local data isn't lost after enabling VictoriaMetrics remote storage.
  8. Create new datasource in Grafana for Prometheus using the corresponding url from Tokens page.
  9. Switch to new datasource and explore graphs built from your data stored in VictoriaMetrics.
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