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Victoria Metrics Helm Charts

This repository contains Victoria Metrics helm charts.

Add a chart helm repository

Access a Kubernetes cluster.

Add a chart helm repository with follow commands:

helm repo add vm

helm repo update

List all charts and versions of vm repository available to installation:

for helm v3
helm search repo vm/

The command must display existing helm chart e.g.

vm/victoria-metrics-agent     0.8.16       	v1.81.2     Victoria Metrics Agent - collects metrics from ...
vm/victoria-metrics-alert     0.4.39        	v1.81.2     Victoria Metrics Alert - executes a list of giv...
vm/victoria-metrics-auth      0.2.57       	1.81.2      Victoria Metrics Auth - is a simple auth proxy ...
vm/victoria-metrics-cluster   0.9.37        	1.81.2      Victoria Metrics Cluster version - high-perform...
vm/victoria-metrics-gateway   0.1.14        	1.81.2      Victoria Metrics Gateway - is a simple gateway ...
vm/victoria-metrics-k8s-stack 0.12.2        	1.81.2      Kubernetes monitoring on VictoriaMetrics stack....
vm/victoria-metrics-operator  0.12.1        	0.27.1      Victoria Metrics Operator
vm/victoria-metrics-single    0.8.37        	1.81.2      Victoria Metrics Single version - high-performa...

Installing the chart

Export default values of victoria-metrics-cluster chart to file values.yaml:

helm show values vm/victoria-metrics-cluster > values.yaml

Change the values according to the need of the environment in values.yaml file.

Test the installation with command:

helm install victoria-metrics vm/victoria-metrics-cluster -f values.yaml -n NAMESPACE --debug --dry-run

Install chart with command:

for helm v3
helm install victoria-metrics vm/victoria-metrics-cluster -f values.yaml -n NAMESPACE

Get the pods lists by running these commands:

kubectl get pods -A | grep 'victoria-metrics'

# or list all resorces of victoria-metrics

kubectl get all -n NAMESPACE | grep victoria

Get the application by running this commands:

helm list -f victoria-metrics -n NAMESPACE

See the history of versions of victoria-metrics application with command.

helm history victoria-metrics -n NAMESPACE

How to uninstall VictoriaMetrics

Remove application with command.

helm uninstall victoria-metrics -n NAMESPACE

Kubernetes compatibility versions

helm charts tested at kubernetes versions from 1.13 to 1.22.

List of Charts