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Whole of Victorian Government API Design Standards
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Victorian Government - API Design Standard - DRAFT FOR REVIEW

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet has recently created the Digital, Design and Innovation Group as part of the Governance, Policy and Coordination Division.

A key function of this group is to provide standards for information access across government, its partners and the community, bringing governance and security, opportunities for innovative rapid development, and enhanced data consistency and discoverability.

These API standards are a starting point for collaboration across government to ensure interoperability is front of mind when creating or modifying digital services across government.

A working group is being formulated as part of the Victorian Government CIO Leadership Group, a forum of CIOs across government, that will assist in the ratification and update of these standards over time.

This repository is being used to seek feedback from the working group, and also provide a view to the general public on the standards that are being created within government. These standards should also be applicable for entites outside of government and their use is encouraged.

The API Standards have been written by the API Team, lead by Jordan Walsh. Reviewers and contributors can see open issues and proposed decision points for feedback on the issues page here.

For more information see the contact information below.

You can read the latest version of the standard here.

Contact Information

API Team
Digital, Design and Innovation
Department of Premier and Cabinet

Contributing to this standard

We're committed to undertaking conversations relating to the technical standards in the open. Questions or comments that participants might ask us via email or private message are likely to be questions or comments other participants have as well. Our answers will be of interest to everyone. There are likely to be experiences and lessons everybody working in this ecosystem can learn from. Having these conversations transparently helps us reduce duplication, resolve issues faster and keep everyone up to date with the conversation.

We ask that all contributors to the Victorian Government API Standards repositories comply with the GitHub Community Forum Code of Conduct.

In addition, it would be appreciated if the following rules are adhered to when commenting or contributing:

  • Please provide a single, considered response to each proposal covering all feedback concerning the proposal.

  • For transparency, if you work at or are associated with an organisation with an interest in the standards, please indicate this in your response.

  • Please ensure you are aware of and compliant with any social media guidelines or internal processes for response set by your organisation before providing feedback.


This concept is based on the work of the Consumer Data Right published by Data61. See for more information.

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