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Perform auth operations (/request_token and /access_token) against the ETrade Web UI and ETrade API using a headless browser.
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Perform auth operations (/request_token and /access_token) against the ETrade Web UI and ETrade API using a headless browser.


I am not uploading this to NPM. You are free to fork and do so.

CD into src/etrade-token-fetcher-cli, npm install and you should be able to run the CLI. You could use npm link for this or you could npm pack and then install the pack globally.


ETradeAuth --help

Headless browser login to etrade, and call request_token and authorize_token.

  $ ETradeAuth

  -h, --help                           show CLI help
  -k, --consumerKey=consumerKey        (required) Consumer Key received from ETrade API access request.
  -p, --webPassword=webPassword        (required) Password used to login to ETrade Web UI.
  -s, --consumerSecret=consumerSecret  (required) Consumer Secret received from ETrade API access request.
  -u, --webUsername=webUsername        (required) Username used to login to ETrade Web UI.
  -v, --version                        show CLI version
  --noHeadless                         Show the browser during automation.

  Use the consumer key and secret to get a request token via /request_token
  Use a headless Chromium browser to login via the ETrade web UI (THIS WILL LOG YOU OUT)
  Use a headless browser to hit /authorize endpoint using the request token and accept and grab the validation code
  Use the validation code to call /access_token

  $ ETradeAuth --webUsername "" --webPassword '' --consumerKey "" --consumerSecret ""
  $ env:DEBUG="etradeTokenFetcher"; --webUsername "" --webPassword '' --consumerKey "" --consumerSecret "" --noHeadless

Debug by setting the DEBUG environment variable. Like so: env:DEBUG="etradeTokenFetcher"


Currently the command can report the following errors

  • Wrong Password
  • Bot detected (error code 942 from ETrade)
  • Account locked
  • Request token fetch failed
  • Access token request failed


Most of the unique logic exists in a separate package included in the src directory called etrade-token-fetcher

Use the environment var DEBUG=etradeTokenFetcher to enable verbose logging. This will log sensitive data.


This was two separate repos, and I combined them into one to more easily share the code


ETrade appears to be doing some really basic headless browser detection. A lot of trial and error went into subverting this. At the time of writing this README (1/4/2019) this CLI worked perfectly.

However, I can not promise this will always work, and I do not intend to offer support. I wanted to release this internal tool to the community to both help others with this task, and to also add some examples of my software to my portfolio.



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