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The tikzsymbols package v4.10a (2018/05/16) contains symbols created using tikz.

This package provides:

  • various emoticons
  • cooking symbols
  • trees
  • other symbols (e.g. Penrose-Triangle (Triban), chair, coffeecup, etc.)


See documentation


  • v1.6 Several bugs fixed and some options added.
  • v1.7 New symbols and some bugs fixed
  • v2.0
    • Bug fixed, now option tree=on/off is working again,
    • new symbols: \Triban, improved BasicTree code.
    • New option: marvsoym (see documentation for more details).
  • v2.2
    • Included \@ifpackageloaded, now symbols can have negative scale,
    • Did something else, I can't remember.
  • v2.25 Changed some code
  • v2.5
    • New option: draftabsolute (symbols are replaced by text and LateX becomes faster again). Changed manual a bit.
  • v3.0
    • Symbols are stored inside a save-box and are used via \usebox,
    • New option: draft=absolute (old option is still useable, but obsolete),
    • Changed output of draft=absolute,
    • New option: prefix=<prefix>, adds a <prefix> to all commands,
    • New option: usebox=true/false If false the symbols aren't stored inside a box,
    • See manual for more changes.
  • v3.0a New cooking-symbols: \grater, \bottle
  • v3.0b Deleted some non-ASCII characters.
  • v3.0g
    • Removed a bug caused by me messing up with commands.
    • Removed package calc and replaced \setlength with \pgfmathsetlength
    • Reworked some code of the symbols.
    • Did not change the manual.
  • v3.0h Created a bug in the process of fixing the last bug, added the forgotten \fi.
  • v3.01alpha Copied the 2e code and started rewriting the code in LaTeX3.
  • v3.38 Nearly finished rewriting.
  • v3.40 Now everything is coded in LaTeX3.
  • v3.40-v3.95 Various fixes and changes.
  • v3.95 New emoticon \(d)Changey.
  • v4.0 Finished reworking the code.
  • v4.01
    • Added a known problem to the documentation.
    • New Symbol: \rollingpin (and of course the german equivalent \Nudelholz)
  • v4.02
    • Added option baseline=true/false to fix a bug occurring with todonotes
    • New Symbols: \cChangey and \dcChangey
  • v4.06
    • New Emoticon: \(d)Sleepey.
    • New Emoticon: \SchrodingersCat.
    • New option: global-scale.
    • New option: symbol-scale.
    • \tikzsymbolsset now raises a warning if a load-time option is used.
    • Some minor fixes.
  • v4.07 Option usebox is now usable during the document.
  • v4.10
    • Added FAQ.
    • All files are now derived from the .dtx file.
    • New option: append-style.
    • New option: remember-picture.
    • Internal change: baseline.
    • Deleted invisible sign.
    • New symbolpair: \Knoblauchpresse and \garlicpress.
    • Option draft and final now set the internal draft boolean locally.
    • Reworked sizes of the plain vanilla draft boxes.
  • v4.10a Bugfix: Forgot to remove colors from \Strichmaxerl


  • expl3 & xparse
  • tikz
  • xcolor
  • xspace
  • l3keys2e

This file contains

  • tikzsymbols.pdf
  • tikzsymbols.dtx
  • tikzsymbols.ins


This ma­te­rial is sub­ject to the LATEX Project Public Li­cense 1.3c. See

for the details of that license.