Lego Techninv Remote Control (IR) for power funcitons on android devices
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LegoRemote for Android

Implementation of the Lego Remote Control IR protocol for Android phones with IR blaster (like Samsung Galaxy).


Currently have a working implementation of the Lego Remote Contol with channel 1 through 4 implemented as intent services.

Have a rough UI implemented for controlling steering and power of my Volvo Wheel Loader


The primary goal for this project is to be a fun side project. Once it stops being fun, the project dies.

That said, I think it would be fun to implement the following:

  • Nice configurabel UI for the phone
  • Web based remote control UI, hosted on the android device accesible from device on same LAN as the Android device.
  • Stream video from phone to web UI for real remote operation outside IR range.

License note

I'm using the MIT license because I'm nice and lazy. Excetpion is the PDF documentation of the LegRC protocol I've included in the repository, which of course is property of the Lego Group.