A personal experiement incorporating "modern" techniques in the ancient workhorse
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#VB6 utilities ##A personal experiement incorporating "modern" techniques in the ancient workhorse

###Background This project contains copy-paste utilities for enhancing VB6 with some newer capabilities. I still consider this a personal experiment, and though I do use this code in production, I don't kow if it's a good idea for you to do so. Amongst other things, I have not done any perfromance testing, and the implementations are still rather naive.

If you're still readin, this is what I've got so far:

  • Map/reduce like syntax (think C# linq) for working with collections
  • A simple string.format clone to simplyfy all those present-a-value-in-a-string scenarios

check out this blogposts for some details: http://zbz5.net/bending-vb6-functional-direction

###Usage This readme is still a work in progress, a rough guide follows


  1. Include the files Lst.cls and List.bas in your project
  2. List.From(someCollection).Map/Fold/Contains/Filter etc check out the public functions of Lst.cls that are not prefixed with "internal"


Supports all primitives, but no customizeable formatting yet, and no support for complex classes.

  1. Include the files Strng.bas, List.bas an Lst.cls in your project (strng.frmt depends on the map/reduce stuff)
  2. Use like .net String.format, only it's called "Strng.Frmt" to not conflict with vb6 perfectly scoped naming of other stuff.
  3. Example: Strng.Frmt("I {0} using Vb6", "an adjective") -> Results in the string "I an adjective using Vb6"

###Contributing Fork, improve, ask questions. Try to have some fun with the trusty old Vb6 for once :-)