Project for Computer Science Research class.
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Project for Computer Science Research class.

Installation Guide

NOTE: This guide is for Linux/OS X only.

Download latest version of MPICH here.

Compiling MPICH 3.1.2

  1. cd /path/to/project && mkdir tmp && cd tmp
  2. /path/to/mpich-3.1.2/configure --prefix=/path/to/project/lib/mpich --disable-fortran CXXFLAGS="-Wall -g -std=c++11" 2>&1 | tee c.txt
  3. make 2>&1 | tee m.txt
  4. make install 2>&1 | tee mi.txt
  5. rm -rf /path/to/project/tmp

This installation guide was referenced from

Building Project

NOTE: Before being able to build the project, you need to make sure you have C++ 11 set up.

  1. cd /path/to/project/src
  2. mpicxx -o nova
  3. mpiexec ./nova

Pi Node Setup

More thorough guide is here.

To set up static IP address for each node, replace everything in the interfaces file with the contents below. You will have to change the values to fit your own network. As for our cluster, just changing the XX values with the number of the Pi node will be enough.

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo eth0
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet static

It's probably a safe bet to reboot the Pi after doing these configurations. Next you will have to generate a new ssh key to allow the master node to communicate with the current node, freely.

  1. ssh-keygen Overwrite the existing one if it asks for it. Otherwise, just press enter for every prompt it asks.
  2. cd ~/.ssh
  3. cp pi-N Replace N with the number for the Pi node.
  4. Copy the pi-00 file to the ~/.ssh/ directory.
  5. cat pi-00 >> authorized_keys

Compiling the test prime program:

  1. cd /path/to/project/src
  2. mpicxx -o prime prime_mpi.cpp
  3. mpiexec ./prime Run it to check if it compiled correctly.


  • Write a script to update project on all nodes, from master.
  • Set up steps and a download link to a .img file with a pre-configured Raspbian OS will be available soon.