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This extension is used together with ckanext-tayside.


To install ckanext-stirling:

  1. Activate your CKAN virtual environment, for example:

    . /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate
  2. Install the ckanext-stirling Python package into your virtual environment:

    pip install git+
  3. Add stirling to the ckan.plugins setting in your CKAN config file (by default the config file is located at /etc/ckan/default/production.ini).

  1. Restart CKAN. For example if you've deployed CKAN with Apache on Ubuntu:

    sudo service apache2 reload

Development Installation

To install ckanext-stirling for development, activate your CKAN virtualenv and do:

git clone
cd ckanext-stirling
python develop

Modify CSS

This extension uses LESS for styles. All changes must be made in one of the LESS files located in the ckanext-stirling/ckanext/stirling/fanstatic/less folder.

In order to compile those files to CSS, the less npm module is used.

First make sure that you have installed Node.js. That will install the npm package manager. After that, open up the terminal and change the current directory to ckanext-stirling/ckanext/stirling/fanstatic.

Then run the following command that is going to install LESS:

npm install less

After a successful installation, run the next command to compile the main less file stirling.less to stirling.css:

./node_modules/.bin/lessc less/stirling.less css/stirling.css

Every time there is some change in one of the less files, the upper command needs to be run to compile those files to one css file.

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