Zabbix API library for .NET writen in C#
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Zabbix.NET is .NET Zabbix API library which is incredible easy to use thanks to C# dynamic objects. There is no need for special classes for zabbix API methods. You can pass parameters via the anonymous objects. Or just your regular objects.


Zabbix zabbix = new Zabbix(user, pass, zabbixUrl);
// Zabbix zabbix = new Zabbix(user, pass, zabbixUrl, true); // Add true as a parameter if you need to use Basic Auth
string resultStr = zabbix.jsonResponse("host.get", new {output: "extend"});
Response resultObj = zabbix.objectResponse("host.get", new {output: "extend"});

Response class

public string jsonrpc { get; set; }
public dynamic result = new ExpandoObject();
public int id { get; set; }

Example (Log all hosts with active triggers):

Zabbix zabbix = new Zabbix("yourapiuser", "yourpassword", "");

Response responseObj = zabbix.objectResponse("trigger.get", new
	{ output = new string[] {"hostname", "description", "lastchange", "priority", "value", "status", "triggerid" },
      min_severity = 3,
      expandData = true,
      expandDescription = true,
      expandExpression = true,
      selectHosts = "extend",
      selectGroups = "extend",
      monitored = true,
      sortfield = "hostname",
      skipDependent = true,
      filter = new {value = 1 }

foreach (dynamic data in responseObj.result)

Example using Zabbix.NET from Powershell (Log all hosts with active triggers):

$Zabbix = New-Object "ZabbixApi.Zabbix" ("yourapiuser", "yourpassword", "");
$params.output=@("hostname", "description", "lastchange","priority","value","status","triggerid");
$params.min_severity = 3;
$params.expandData = $true;
$params.expandDescription = $true;
$params.expandExpression = $true;
$params.selectHosts = "extend";
$params.selectGroups = "extend";
$params.monitored = $true;
$params.sortfield = "hostname";
$params.skipDependent = $true;
$params.filter = @{"value" = 1;}
$responseObj = $zabbix.objectResponse("trigger.get", $params);

foreach ( $data in $responseObj.result) {
        write-output $data.Hostname;

Note that you pass API method to Zabbix.jsonRespopnse (objectResponse) method as a string.


  • You need to use login() method after creating Zabbix class and logout() after you are done with the API to make sure there are no open sessions left.
  • Zabbix.NET uses Newtonsoft.Json library for json serialization and deserialization
  • .NET 4.0, but you can compile to any version of .NET as long as it supports ExpandoObject and Newtonsoft.Json
  • Now available on NuGET PM> Install-Package Zabbix.NET