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This an app for the Interconnect written in C# to connect to the MFP and StrongLoop to consume resources with an OAuth token exchange.

Some instructions: STEP 1: update C# file in Plenty.Droid/MainActivity.cs - match IP in the URL of the URL_STRONGLOOP constant with the existing VMWare environment (for example: ""; )

STEP 2: update MFP file in Plenty.Droid/Assets/ - match wlServerHost with the existing VMWare environment (for example: )

STEP 3: cd c:\LabFiles\strongloop\plenty-api\ and run Strongloop command: node .

STEP 4: cd c:\LabFiles\mfp\plenty and run command: mfp start

STEP 5. validate hybrid application working: cd c:\LabFiles\mfp\plentytest and run command: mfp cordova preview (please remember to adjust the file to reflect the VM ip) C:\LabFiles\mfp\plentytest\platforms\android\assets\ C:\LabFiles\mfp\plentytest\www\js\index.js

STEP 6: enter the directory C:\LabFiles\mfp\plenty from the MFP console (issue 'mfp console' command) delete androidPlenty API and then create a new API : mfp add api androidPlenty -e android then push the API to mfp server: mfp push (before that issue "mfp start" command)

Attention - it is possible to avoid recreating the MFP API to get the Token o.k. - in order to do it please comment the 36 i 37 line of c:\LabFiles\strongloop\strongloop-api\server.js line 36 commented looks like this: // app.use('/api/Offers', auth('PlentyAppRealm'), cont);

STEP 7: connect NEXUS10 (or emulator) and deploy plenty app for Android

STEP 8: insert any password (at least 1 character), and access home screen with offers and events from the menu - "hamburger" - icon (the large size of the pictures hangs the image)

STEP 9: Check also the Application Output for any errors, and look for the MFP log and analytics being sent by the platform. see the video : get the environment plenty copy

FAQ: Some typical errors:

  • the plenty app can't connect to the MFP back-end: please restart the environment
  • the plenty app can't connect to the StrongLoop back-end: please recreate the API (revisit step 6, or disable security protection protection - an "attention" suggestion of the step 6)
  • the app (on the device - both real and emulated) can't connect - manually remove the app from the environment

The updated file with pictures: