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About MobileFirst Cordova Kendo UI Blank Template

This is a template for developing Cordova based Hybrid Mobile Application for IBM MobileFirst platform. This template provides Kendo UI Mobile control set as the UI layer for your cordova application.

When you use this template it creates a blank cordova application and includes Kendo UI framework in your application. As part of the app you will get a single view/screen called Home View. You can use this as a starting point for your development. After creating your app using this template, you can add additional screens as per your needs.

You can know more about Kendo UI Mobile Controls here:

Usage Instruction:

Step 1: Clone this repo

First, clone this repo on your system. Lets say c:\templates\cordova-kendoui-blank-mfp

git clone

Make a note of the folder where you will clone it. This folder will be used to provide the Kendo UI template for MFP Cordova Create command.

Step 2: Create MFP Cordova Application

Next, create a MFP Cordova application by running the following command

mfp cordova create <AppName> -p android,ios -t <Local Path to Cordova Kendo UI Blank MFP Template>

Note: Local path to Cordova Kendo UI Blank MFP template is the folder where you have cloned this repo.

Step 3: Run NPM Commands

After step 2, open a command prompt (or terminal) and perform the following commands by navigating to the <AppName> folder in command prompt (or terminal) - cd <AppName>

npm install
Note: If you receive no command 'gulp' found, Run the below command to install gulp and try after installation.
npm install -g gulp

Step 4: Run the App

Now, we are ready to run the app. You can preview your app by using the following command

mfp cordova preview