An Android app talking to Watson Natural Language Classifier and IBM MobileFirst Foundation services running on Bluemix
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Watson Weather Natural Classifier With IBM MobileFirst Foundation on IBM Bluemix

Android Mobile app to try out the Watson Classifier service. This is part of a tutorial that walks you through how to create a simple mobile app for a watson service called Natural Language Classifier.

It also walks you through adding IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8 for adding some robustness and other utilities to the app.



  • Download the code as a zip file by clicking on Clone or Download.
  • Import the project in Android Studio File -> Open -> Navigate to unzipped folder of the app.
  • Proceed to the next steps while gradle does its thing.

Creating MobileFirst Foundation Service on Bluemix

  • Load and visit the Catalog page (Classic Experience).
  • From the left sidebar, tick the Mobile checkbox under Services. Then, click on the Mobile Foundation tile to begin the service creation process.
  • Select a space to use and optionally set a Service name.
  • Select the 'Developer' Plan, then click Create.
  • Start the MobileFirst Server by clicking on 'Start Basic Server'.

Let's go Cognitive with Watson Classifier

  • Go to the “CATALOG” in the top nav bar and select “Watson” Services.

  • Click on “Natural Language Classifier”.

  • Pick the defaults.

  • Change the Service Name if you prefer.

  • Click on “Create”.

    Add the sample training data

This is what teaches the service to classify weather related info v/s golf related info. Download the sample

  • Go to Weather Training Data
  • Save the file. (If the file is shown on the browser, Right-click and Save the file with .csv extension.)

Upload the training data

Open Chrome extension Postman create a request as follows

Copy Credentials

  • Go back to Bluemix dashboard. Under Watson Classifier service you just created, On the left side of the page, click Service Credentials to view your service credentials

  • Copy Username and Password from these service credentials.

  • Body: Select form-data . Add the following

Name Type Value
training_data File Choose the saved csv File
training_metadata Text {"language":"en","name":"TutorialClassifier"}
- Hit “Send” - Note: If you are having trouble – talk to the lab owner
  • Keep the Postman response open – you will need the info later. It would look something like this:
	"classifier_id": "563C46x20-nlc-154",
	"name": "TutorialClassifier",
	"language": "en",
	"created": "2016-01-19T10:52:06.518Z",
	"url": "https:// classifiers/563C46x20-nlc-154",
	"status": "Training",
	"status_description": "The classifier instance is in its training phase, not yet ready to accept classify requests"
- Your Watson backend is ready to query via REST.

## Edit and Run via Android Studio
Go back to Android studio
- Edit the file app\java\
- Replace username and password from your Natural Language Classifier service credentials
- classifierID from the Postman response
- Start the emulator and Run the app
- Try the app – ask something like “Do I need a jacket today?”
- This is your app talking to the Watson REST service!

## What's Next
Open Command Prompt
- Point to the folder where you downloaded the android code.
- Run this command "mfpdev server add" and enter the below details

<br>? Enter the name of the new server profile: MyBluemixServer
<br>? Enter the fully qualified URL of this server: https://[YOUR MOBILEFIRST FOUNDATION SERVICE URL]:443
<br>? Enter the MobileFirst Server administrator login ID: admin
<br>? Enter the MobileFirst Server administrator password: ***** (Click on the eye icon to see your password)
<br>? Save the administrator password for this server?: Yes
<br>? Enter the context root of the MobileFirst administration services: mfpadmin
<br>? Enter the MobileFirst Server connection timeout in seconds: 30
<br>? Make this server the default?: Yes
<br>Verifying server configuration...
<br>The following runtimes are currently installed on this server: mfp
<br>Server profile 'MyBluemixServer' added successfully. 
- Run this command "mfpdev app register".

## Final Step
- Go to IBM MobileFirst Foundation service page and Click on LAUNCH CONSOLE.
- Login with Username: admin and Password: Click on eye icon.
- Under Applications on the left tab you should see Weather Classifier.

To learn more visit [MobileFirst Dev Center](