Cross platform VidyoConnector app built using React Native for iOS & Android
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Clone Repository

git clone

Acquire VidyoClient iOS and Android SDKs

Note: Highlighted steps are very important because samples already contain configurations specified below and both SDK packages are linked as relative folders located in VidyoConnector-react-native directory.

  1. Download the latest Android & iOS SDK packages:

  2. Unzip VidyoClient-AndroidSDK folder and move contents of VidyoClient-AndroidSDK/lib/android to VidyoConnector-react-native/android/app/libs/android

  3. Unzip VidyoClient-iOSSDK folder and move contents of VidyoClient-iOSSDK/lib/ios to VidyoConnector-react-native/ios/lib/ios


Go to ./android/ and set location of the Android SDK

Build and Run Application

  1. Follow next link and install all described dependencies if you want to use virtual devices.

  2. Install dependencies.

    npm install

  3. Build and run the application on the iOS or Android device.

    react-native run-ios

    react-native run-android