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About VidyoPlatform

Leverage VidyoPlatform to build your own video conferencing application with just a few lines of code. We provide a simplified, real-time video interaction for multiple deployment models including on-premises, hybrid, private cloud, and multi-tenant cloud.

We have created sample code which demonstrates how it works and how easy it is to integrate our solution to get started with your own video conferencing.

This sample application aims to achieve the following:

- Evaluate Vidyo Platform SDK unmatched video conferencing quality

- Demonstrates how easy it is to integrate Vidyo’s SDK into your solution and have an embedded in brand robust video communication capability.

Contact us at to learn more or tell us what you think.

Happy Coding.

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How to run the demo

Do the following from a terminal window:

  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Navigate to the project directory and run the following command
    npm start

This will start a local http server. Note the URL, which is usually or

  1. Open the http server URL from the step above in your browser. In the browser pop-up, allow the page access to audio and video.

Alt text

  1. Click the 'start call' button. This will start a video call in a private room.

Alt text

  1. After a call is started, a meeting link is generated. This link can be shared with others who can join your call from their browser using the link.

Alt text

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Company Link:

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A simple example for adding videoconference to a web page using Vidyo's javascript library







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