Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OS X operating system.
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Vienna is an RSS/Atom reader for Mac OS X.

Vienna can connect directly to the websites you want to track. Additionally or alternatively, you can also sync with a server supporting the Open Reader API (an adaptation of the now deceased Google Reader API). Vienna has been successfully tested with,, and


Admins upload release and test versions at bintray and Sourceforge.
Alternatively, you can download releases from the GitHub Releases page


Vienna is also available as a Cask for Homebrew Cask.

brew cask install vienna

Getting support

If the in-application help files and the FAQs don’t answer your questions, head over to our Support forum which is hosted by Cocoaforge.

Reporting an issue

If after reading the forum and asking your questions there, you are convinced that there is a problem in Vienna's code or an important feature is missing, you may open an issue on Github.

Be concise, but as precise as possible to allow other people reproducing the issue. To keep things short, you can provide a link to a relevant thread or message on the Cocoaforge forum.


Want to contribute? Great! There are many ways you can, even if you aren't a developer.

Localizing and translating

We need help keeping Vienna translations up to date into different languages. Apart from English, here are the languages for which a localization effort has started:

  • German
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Danish
  • Czech
  • Euskara (Basque)
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Have a look at current localizations in their respective .lproj folders. While translating, the LangSwitch freeware might be handy for checking contexts.

Writing custom styles

Vienna supports a variety of different display styles for articles. These styles are provided on the Styles sub-menu off the View menu. A style is a combination of an HTML template that is used to control the placement of various parts of the article and a CSS stylesheet that controls the appearance of the article.

You can write styles by referring to this document. Have a look at existing styles in the Styles folder.

Writing plugins

Vienna supports plugins which are installed in menus and/or on the toolbar and can run defined actions. These plugins are XML-based and can be created by editing a simple .plist-file without any knowledge of Cocoa programming, in as little as 15 minutes.

You can write plugins by referring to this document. Have a look at existing plugins in the Plugins folder.

Writing code

The current version of Vienna requires Xcode 7 and Mac OS X 10.11 SDK. We will be officially moving to Xcode 8 and macOS Sierra SDK once it has been released. Currently the Unit Tests require Xcode 8 and Swift 3.

Vienna uses cocoapods for managing dependencies. When building, make sure to always open the Xcode workspace Viennna.xcworkspace instead of a project file.

You should have a basic knowledge of Git and read these advices on workflow.

As a starting point, search for any issues with the help-wanted label.

Please let us know what you are working on by posting an issue on Vienna's github and assigning it to yourself.

For more information please check


Apache License, Version 2.0.