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<title>Vienna Beta 3.0b.2816</title>
<h1>Version notes</h1>
<h2 id="b.2820">3.0b.2820</h2>
<li>When closing a tab, close its content</li>
<li>Fix the &#8220;last refreshed&#8221; filter</li>
<li>Fix parsing some date strings</li>
<li>Enable commands &#8220;Get Info&#8221;, &#8220;Unsubscribe&#8221;, &#8220;Resubscribe&#8221; with Google Reader feeds</li>
<li>If a feed is submitted through a button or a link, guess if it should be subscribed locally or on Google Reader</li>
<h2 id="b.2819">3.0b.2819</h2>
<li>Fix other nasty crashes on Mountain Lion</li>
<h2 id="b.2818">3.0b.2818</h2>
<li>Fix some nasty crashes on Mountain Lion which occurred when closing tabs</li>
<li>Fix the &#8220;Check for newer versions of Vienna at startup&#8221; preference</li>
<li>Make the knob of the vertical scrollbar more visible when reading long lists on Lion/Mountain Lion</li>
<li>Other minor bugfixes and code cleaning</li>
<h2 id="b.2817">3.0b.2817</h2>
<li>Fix fetching of icons associated to feeds.
<em>Note</em> : users of previous versions are invited to use the &#8220;Refresh Folder Images&#8221; menu item</li>
<li>Better accessibility for people with visual impairment through VoiceOver</li>
<li>Completely logout from Google Reader when the &#8220;Sync with Google Reader&#8221; preference is unchecked</li>
<li>Builds are now signed with Developer IDs delivered by Apple, to meet Mountain Lion&#8217;s Gatekeeper default requirements.</li>
<h2 id="b.2816">3.0b.2816</h2>
<li>Google Reader support ! Each feed can either be local (especially authenticated feeds, which are not handled by Google Reader), or hosted on Google Reader</li>
<li>64 bit support</li>
<li>Full Screen support on Mac OSX Lion and Mountain Lion</li>
<li>Fixes running on Leopard and on PowerPC</li>
<li>Fixes feeds whose titles are XHTML or contain linefeeds/carriage returns</li>
<li>Fixes Atom feeds with relative links</li>
<li>Stay on Discrete Graphics mode on Macs having dual graphics cards</li>
<li>Improved web browser experience (persistent cookies)</li>
<li>Some functions which were only available on Report or Condensed layout are now available on Unified layout</li>
<li>Increased timeout for feeds refresh</li>
<li>Larger use of multi-threading</li>
<li>Compiled with LLVM</li>
<li>Binaries are now signed to avoid blockade by Mountain Lion&#8217;s gatekeeper default settings (for first run, you&#8217;ll have to right click and select &#8216;Open&#8217;)</li>
<li>Many other bugfixes</li>
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