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Fix compatibility with Sparkle. For the time being, changelog.xml and…

… notesonXXXX.html need to be located at

Note : All this stuff is still a temporary solution. There is a need for something more flexible to user's choices here ; and there is probably room for improvement regarding casual/nightly builds. But for the time being, it is better than nothing...
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Instructions for building and uploading Vienna binaries to Sourceforge
- To ensure that releases are properly codesigned make sure that you have properly edited `configs/CS-ID.xcconfig` for your setup.
CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY should be the name of your certificate as it is stored in Keychain, and
- CODE_SIGN_RESOURCE_RULE should generally point to ResourceRules.plist in MacOSX.platform in Xcode.
+ PRIVATE_KEY_PATH should be the location of the private DSA key used by Sparkle
## Tag Formatting ##
@@ -36,11 +36,11 @@ Tags should be in one of the following formats:
1. Login to SourceForge's file system with your admin account. `sftp <username>` where `<username>` is your SourceForge user name, then `cd /home/frs/project/vienna-rss/`.
2. Create a new folder : for beta releases, it will be something of the form `TestVersions/3.0.0_beta2/` ; for release candidate releases, it will be like `TestVersions/3.0.0_rc1/` ; and for stable releases, something like `ReleasedVersions/3.0.0/`. _Ensure that any directories you have created are set to be group writable_.
- 4. Upload the two .tgz files and the .html file from the build/Deployment/Uploads folder to the newly created folder (filenames should look like "Vienna3.0.0_beta1.tgz", "Vienna3.0.0_beta1.5b272a6-dSYM.tgz" and "noteson3.0.0_beta1.html")
+ 4. Upload the two .tgz files file from the build/Deployment/Uploads folder to the newly created folder (filenames should look like "Vienna3.0.0_beta1.tgz" and "Vienna3.0.0_beta1.5b272a6-dSYM.tgz")
4. Verify the downloads. Load the SourceForge Downloads page for Vienna at <>, download new zip files, uncompress them, and run the apps.
5. For stable releases only : from the Sourceforge site, edit the "Properties" of "Vienna3.0.0.tgz" and set it as default download for Mac OS X. Don't do this for beta releases!
6. Login to the Vienna web site. `sftp <username>` where `<username>` is your SourceForge user name.
- 7. Upload `changelog.xml` (or `changelog_beta.xml` or `changelog_rc` accordingly) via sftp to `/home/project-web/vienna-rss/htdocs`.
+ 7. Upload `changelog.xml` (or `changelog_beta.xml` or `changelog_rc` accordingly) and the noteson3.0.0_beta1.html file via sftp to `/home/project-web/vienna-rss/htdocs`.
8. If you upload a release candidate, change changelog_beta.xml to be a symlink to the new changelog_rc.xml ; and if you upload a release, change changelog_rc.xml to be a symlink to the new changelog.xml
9. Ensure also that these files are set to be group writable.
10. Run the previous version of Vienna, and make sure that the Sparkle update mechanism works correctly to display and download the latest version. After updating, check again to make sure Sparkle is showing that you have the latest version.
@@ -108,6 +108,8 @@
+ <key>SUPublicDSAKeyFile</key>
+ <string>vienna_public_key.pem</string>
@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ cd "${VIENNA_UPLOADS_DIR}"
rsync -clprt --del --exclude=".DS_Store" "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/" "${VIENNA_UPLOADS_DIR}"
signd ""
tar -czf "${TGZ_FILENAME}" --exclude '.DS_Store'
+rm -rf
# Output the sparkle change log
@@ -81,6 +82,16 @@ cd "${VIENNA_UPLOADS_DIR}"
pubDate="$(LC_TIME=en_US date -jf '%FT%T%z' "${VCS_DATE}" '+%a, %d %b %G %T %z')"
TGZSIZE="$(stat -f %z "${TGZ_FILENAME}")"
+/usr/bin/ruby "${PROJECT_DIR}/keys/sign_update.rb" "${TGZ_FILENAME}" "${PRIVATE_KEY_PATH}"
+[ $SIGNATURE ] || { echo Unable to load signing private key vienna_private_key.pem. Set PRIVATE_KEY_PATH in CS-ID.xcconfig; false; }
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:sparkle="">
@@ -89,14 +100,14 @@ cat > "${VIENNA_CHANGELOG}" << EOF
<description>Vienna Changelog</description>
- <copyright>Copyright 2010-2012, Steve Palmer and contributors</copyright>
+ <copyright>Copyright 2010-2013, Steve Palmer and contributors</copyright>
<title>Vienna ${V_VCS_TAG} :${VCS_SHORT_HASH}:</title>
- <enclosure url="${DOWNLOAD_BASE_URL}/${TGZ_FILENAME}" sparkle:version="${N_VCS_NUM}" sparkle:shortVersionString="${V_VCS_TAG} :${VCS_SHORT_HASH}:" length="${TGZSIZE}" type="application/octet-stream"/>
- <sparkle:releaseNotesLink>${DOWNLOAD_BASE_URL}/noteson${N_VCS_TAG}.html</sparkle:releaseNotesLink>
+ <enclosure url="${DOWNLOAD_BASE_URL}/${TGZ_FILENAME}" sparkle:version="${N_VCS_NUM}" sparkle:shortVersionString="${V_VCS_TAG} :${VCS_SHORT_HASH}:" length="${TGZSIZE}" sparkle:dsaSignature="${SIGNATURE}" type="application/octet-stream"/>
+ <sparkle:releaseNotesLink>${N_VCS_TAG}.html</sparkle:releaseNotesLink>

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